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Top Tips from Parents

1. Don’t try and replicate school

Home schooling isn’t the same as mainstream schooling. And shouldn’t try to be. Both have things the other can’t offer. What teachers do in a classroom you can’t always do at the kitchen table and vice versa. Work within your resources and abilities.

2. Establish a timetable that suits you and not someone else

Just because your sister-in-law has posted a colourful timetable detailing the Latin verbs her children will be learning before breakfast, doesn’t mean this will work for you!

A timetable is useful and for some necessary but it must work for you and your family. Will your children learn best early in the morning? Then do more academic work then and focus on play/being outside later or vice versa if you’re night owls.

3. Set the ground rules early on

It might be tempting to embrace the apocalyptic vibe and hunker down and watch films all day. Perhaps it even feels necessary for a bit. But unless you set some firm rules early on, it’s going to be difficult to get back into a groove further down the line. Start doing at least some work from the word go and your authority will be easier to maintain.

4. Balance online time with offline time

You don’t need to be online all day to get a good education. Yes, there are some fantastic resources online  and it’s going to be a lifesaver in the coming months, but try to balance the online work with good old-fashioned books and practical, hands-on challenges

If you don’t have a good supply of pens and paper, now’s very much the time to get some in or ask school to help. 

5. Get outside

Spend as much time outside as you can. Not just for your sanity but for general good health. If you have a garden, take your learning out there.

6. Make the most of the one-to-one attention

You might not have time to spend eight hours a day teaching your children but, here’s the thing: you don’t have to if they’re getting some one-to-one time.

One of the great advantages of home education is that the one-to-one time can be really concentrated and really beneficial.

Enjoy the fact that you can spend some time explaining that particularly difficult maths concept to them in a way there might not have been time for at school.

7. Have confidence in yourself

Teachers do a wonderful job and they’re experienced. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot to offer too.

You might well have been learning  skills in your work without realising. Moreover, you know your children better than anyone else. Chances are you do know what motivates them and what excites them. Use this to your advantage and tailor your approach accordingly.

8. Speak to teachers

Many teachers have been offering their skills on different educational apps and email. Ask them questions, share concerns. They want us to get through this.

9. Buddy up with other parents

Join forces with other parent friends to share any online learning discoveries you make. 

10. Relax

The entire population is in this together. Your children aren’t going to miss out. If it all gets too much, curl up on the settee and read a book together.


We have decided to leave this information on here for a little time. Hopefully, we will not to use this page in the future!

Children who are off school because they are self isolating can access work via their own home page on the website


Here is a collection of useful websites and information.There is also a range of work and ideas at the foot of this page.

We will add work, activities and challenges regularly.

If you need your child's log-in details (e.g for Timestables Rockstars) or materials please contact the class teachers at school by email: using class email addresses which are listed below.


E-mail addresses for each class are at the bottom of this page

"Families" Magazine - ideas and articles to use


BBC Bitesize

Accelerated Reader link

List of online resources for Home Learning

Camille & the Sunflowers - links to art project

Timestables Rockstars


Collins Books

Pobble - Picture of the day - Write about the picture

KS1&2 - Top Marks Maths

Computing - Scratch

National Numeracy website - very useful for parents and children

KS1 - Phonic Play

KS1 - ICT Games

KS1 - Doorway online

KS1 - CBeebies

KS1 - Crickweb

KS1 - Lalilo - Phonics Games

KS1&2 - Pobble - 25 Non-Screen Tasks to Try

KS1&2 Pobble - 25 Activities to Try

KS1&2 Twenty Screen-free activities to Try

KS2 BBC Bitesize - various subjects

KS2 Spanish

Twinkl - Parents' Hub

Activity Village - Craft ideas

Woodlands - Homework Pages - Lots of interesting pages

KS2 - SATS papers

Chatter Pack - A long list of links to very useful sites

The LITERACY Co. - Resources for each year group

FIrst4MATHS - Maths Resources for each year group

Mr Barton's Maths - Year 6 SATs

Coxhoe School site - lots of links to various subjects

Oxford Owl Reading Activities










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What's being said

Great school. Great teaching team. School does an amazing job at supporting ALL my child's needs. They have always gone the extra mile for him. So thank you all. You do a great job!
Fabulous school with a friendly atmosphere. Staff and the Headteacher are approachable. I cannot praise the school highly enough.
For the past 9 years, through 2 children, I have always felt NPS goes the extra mile to support it's students in all areas of the curriculum. The staff are fantastic, hard-working and very approachable. It is a great school and I am glad we chose it all those years ago.
This school has always been a positive influence on my children (2 of which didn't want to leave!) I have recommended this school to several people in the past and will continue to do so in the future. High praise for all the teachers and assistants who make the school what it is!
Great team of staff at NPS. Ladies at reception are so helpful. Newsletter and Facebook page are very informative and helpful. Breakfast club - excellent - my child raves about it. Love the Friday celebration assembly. The sense of pride and encouragement felt is overwhelming - a wonderful celebration of the children.
Thanks for the beautiful memories, good times and great learning experiences for Adam, Faith and Rose! Truly has been a life time adventure for the kids...one that will last a lifetime of memories! Hope to visit Neston again in the future!
A parent, after family returned home overseas
We would like to thank all the teachers who made the Delamere trip possible, Kieran had an amazing time and is already asking when he can go again
Parent, following Year 2 residential visit

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