Year 4

Burwardsley Outdoor Education Centre

 "I am writing to thank you for the opportunity to spend the day with your Year 4 class on the recent trip to the Burwardsley Education Centre. Personally I found the trip to be fun, engaging and educational and couldn’t help but be impressed by the NPS staff in their ability to maintain a safe, warm and encouraging environment. The behaviour of all of the children was excellent and the comradery and support that they showed each other was wonderful to see, I was especially impressed by their excellent manners. I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Burwardsley and reaffirmed what I already knew about the high standards conducted by all NPS staff and pupils. Please don’t hesitate to ask if I can be of any use supporting future school events".

Richard Shuker - Parent Governor

  Burwardsley 2017  
Kieran had a great time at Burwardsley, thanks to everyone who made it possible Riya had an absolutely fabulous time at Burwardsley!! Missed her so very much, but so lovely to hear all her stories. Thank you to all involved for taking time away from their own families to make this trip happen. Thanks Mr G. What a lovely start to the year! Thank you to all involved with the Burwardsley trip. Heather said it was "Awesome"
Brilliant. Thank you all. Cam loved it. Thank you to Mr G and all the staff that made Burwardsley the most awesome trip ever! (Callum's words) I now have one very tired, but happy little man. You're all superb! This is so lovely to see, thank you so much to all the staff involved and for sharing the great pictures. Joseph has just about recovered xxx
A big thank you to those involved with Year 4 Burwardsley trip. Niall had a fab time xxx Thank you all that were involved in organising and taking part in Burwardsley. Robyn had a great time. Hope you all have a good weekend Thank you so much all the staff for everything Lexie had an great time. X





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