School Council

Our School Council

The school council is made up of two representatives from each class. We meet fortnightly on Mondays. 

The school council reps gather ideas from the pupils and bring the suggestions to the meetings. School Council reps always welcome any views and comments from their class-mates.

Our School Council has an important role in the decisions made at our school.  Representatives from each class meet regularly to discuss any issues or concerns that have been brought up by the children in school and to discuss new initiatives and ideas.  We also have responsibility for organising charitable fundraising activities such as non-uniform days. 

What does our School Council Do?

  • We are elected by our classmates to represent our class
  • We have meetings so that the teachers will know what we think about things that are important to us
  • We choose which charities we will support each year.
  • We help to organise events and activities.
  • We report back to our classes about what we have done or plan to do.
  • We also attend some staff meetings and report to them

2017-18 - We are working on:

Keeping the school 'clean and green'

Improving the activities on offer at break-times and lunch-times

Contact the School

Neston Primary School

Burton Road, Neston,
CH64 9RE

Main Contact: Carole Cottrell (Bursar)

Tel: 0151 338 2500
Fax: 0151 353 0992

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